Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh How I Want!

Mulberry Baywater Bag, Burberry Trench, Valentino Wallet, Tibi Shirt, Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats and Balmain Leather Jacket.

It's that time of year again when all the fashion minds congregate in New York, London, Millan and Paris for a little thing called fashion week. Like every other fashion obsessed girl I have been glued to my laptop and iphone trying to feel like I am experiencing everything firsthand. Instead of showing you my favorite collections or street style snaps like every other blogger in the universe I thought I would show my wish list. You may have already noticed that none of these items have graced the catwalk over the last few weeks. Even though I am awed by the new collections and shows when it comes to splurging on designer items I am more drawn towards classic pieces. So if I had endless amounts of money to splurge these are the items I would rush out to get my hands on. I think the most outrageously priced item here, and the one I am pining for most is the beautiful Balmain Jacket. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to call one of these babys mine.
Have you been keeping up with the fashion week action? 
Tell me your highlights or fantasy wardrobe xx

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MBFF Brisbane

As apart of my internship with a Brisbane stylist and editor I spent most of my time backstage at MBFF dressing models. The even was hosted outside the Treasury Casino and ran from the 25th to the 31st of August. Due to the frantic pace backstage it was an imposible setting to get any photo ups. I did manage however to snag a few backstage photos. The first lot of photos are from The Sunday Mails couture show and all the amazing gowns are from the lovely ladies at MXM Couture. The second round are from the Emerging designers show that was held on Thursday night and the colourful creations are from Ash to Gold. It's nice for me to be have these photos because apart from my access card, a few bruises and some new muscles they are my only momentos from the festival.
 To be honest with the long hours and rushing around the rest of the week is an ascetically pleasing blur  of various models and designer.