Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oh Lake Como!

On the recommendation of a very well travelled family member I took a day trip to Lake Como from Milan. I didn't quite know what to expect before I went but as soon as I got my first glimpse of Lake Como I knew I had fallen head over heels for it. The beauty of the lake, mountains and little Italian towns was surreal. At first I was going to take to ferry across from the small town my train stopped at to a larger and more well known spot on the lake. However the quaint little town of Varrena captured my heart and all plans to go else where completely feel apart. I simply wondered along the shore line for the day climbing up cobble stone passageways and stopping to dip my feet in the lake when I got tired. I am quite pleased with how my photos turned out considering I only had my Iphone to use. I made the biggest travel mistake of leaving my memory card in my laptop the night before so my nice new SLR camera was a useful as a brick, and felt like one in my bag as well, at least that is a mistake I won't make again! Unfortunately I didn't bump into George Clooney like i was hoping for but alas there is always next time because I know I will going back to Lake Como the next chance I get!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Duomo Milano

This is one of the most exciting post I've done on this blog to date. Going to Europe, especially Italy, is something I have dreamed off since I was a little girl. Despite my huge desire to come and explore this corner of the world I've never made it further than Asia. Having just graduated from University and as two of my very close friends are living in Italy I finally packed my bags and made my first journey to the other side of the world. Milan was my first stop and as any Australian fashion and internet lover I had to go straight to the Duomo and follow in the footsteps of the Aussie super bloggers Gary Pepper Girl and Tuula Vintage! I don't have enough words in my vocabulary to describe how impressive the Duomo is. It blows me away to think that this building with so much intricate detailing was built over 500 hundred years ago. I was itching to get to the rooftop so I fought through my jet lag, shock of the heat and the swarming crowds of tourist. I decided to get my cardio in and skip the elevator taking the 250 steps up to the rooftop. I'll be honest with you the next day my legs were pretty sore but it was well worth it! On the roof you are rewarded with spectacular views of the city and snowy alps, I still can't comprehend how it can be so hot and have snow sparkling in the distance. As well as this you can appreciate the finer details of the building much more than you can on the ground. An added bonus of the rooftop was that I was able to spot the nearest Zara store which I headed straight for once my feet were back on the ground.